A mother’s dream, a daughter’s commitment

Irene’s mother had a dream. Out of her five children, she wanted at least one to become a nurse.
Irene’s family belongs to Thickanamcode village in Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. Her father was a mason who worked on daily wages. With his meagre income, he found it difficult to take care of the family needs. That’s why her mother took up tailoring to supplement the family income.

Why life is a beautiful struggle? Ask Papa Rao

When Papa Rao opened the gate and glanced up, he saw the name painted in bold letters. His heart missed a beat. Rather than the sweltering summer sun, it was the thought of studying in such an honoured institute that made him sweat. His parents who followed him tried to console him.But the name, THE LEPROSY MISSION PLATINUM VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTRE refused to disappear from his mental screen. “Will I be able to study in this esteemed institute?” he asked himself many times over.

Electoral literacy for effective electoral engagement, participation, and making informed choices

With the general election to constitute the 17th Lok Sabha just around the corner, TLM Vizianagaram Vocational Training Centre (VTC), in Andhra Pradesh is making efforts to extend electoral literacy to students undergoing skill training in the VTC.

Joining hands to reach villages that lack healthcare facilities

The Leprosy Mission Trust India’s Salur Hospital, in Andhra Pradesh (Philadelphia Community Hospital), conducted a free medical camp in Metavalasa village, in Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh, on March 28. The camp was conducted in the community hall of Metavalasa Panchayat office, with the active support of the Panchayat authorities.

Prassana Kumar’s dreams are made to flourish

Gottapu Ramu’s is a typical household in rural India–no landholding; the man of the house doing sundry jobs to keep the home fires burning; unable to get a proper education, children while away their time ending up mostly as casual labourers. But Gottapu Ramu’s family didn’t fully fit into the stereotype. His son was good at studies and nurtured dreams of becoming a mechanical engineer!