Events in TLMTI

Events in TLMTI

The Unwanted

A documentary film on leprosy that demystifies the disease

After seeing the harsh realities of leprosy and the plight of the people affected by the disease, New Delhi Television, or NDTV, a pioneer in India’s news television, produced a short documentary film on leprosy, titled, ‘The Unwanted’, in association with The Leprosy Mission Trust India (TLMTI). The documentary is an effort to demystify leprosy and disseminate the correct information about the disease.

Pehla Sign Action Time

A community-level campaign to change public attitudes towards leprosy

One of the strategic priorities in The Leprosy Mission Trust India’s (TLMTI) Country Strategy 2016-18 is ‘Changed Societal Mindsets’. TLMTI aims to change the mindset of society and communities about leprosy and the people affected by it. By changing the mindset, TLMTI expects society and communities to accept people affected by leprosy as equals, and not to deny them their rights to health, education, social life, employment, inclusion and development. It also aims to create a positive environment for society and the government to acknowledge leprosy as a public health priority.