Our People

Our People

Meet the Team

TLMTI speaks through its actions. And who all are behind these actions? Hospital staff who go home only after the last patient has been attended to, VTC staff who take care of their students throughout day and night and work to ensure that they get good job opportunities and are well-placed in life, project staff who work with communities doing everything they can to help them live with dignity, the executive director and operations team members who make strategies and monitor their implementation to make sure that healing, inclusion and dignity become a reality in the lives of people affected by leprosy, and the Board members who share their wisdom and guide the team.

There are around 900 committed staff who work in TLMTI to realise its vision, ‘People affected by leprosy living with dignity in a transformed, inclusive society that has overcome leprosy’. Here’s a sampler:

Dr. Premal Das

Executive Director

Dr. Premal Das is a proficient leprosy reconstructive surgeon with over three decades of experience in correcting deformities due to leprosy, having assisted and learned from the renowned Leprosy surgeon, Dr. Fritschi and being further motivated by attending lectures from Dr. Paul Brand. An alumnus of Christian Medical College Vellore, he started working with The Leprosy Mission India in 1985. Two preceding generations of his family have also served in The Leprosy Mission. A passionate advocate of a leprosy & disability-free world, his special interest lies in preventing ulcer recurrence through more acceptable and effective footwear. In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Das has been in administrative roles for several years as Superintendent & Deputy Director (Medical) in TLM Trust India. From Lasso surgery for mobile claw hand correction, to 3D printing technology for customised insoles, early temporary Below Knee Prosthesis to alternate insoles, modified orthosis and splints, Dr. Premal is credited with introducing several innovations to The Leprosy Mission. In 2013 he was awarded the “Emmanuel Sundar Raj Memorial Award” from the Dept. of Surgery for continuous commitment to Christian Healing Mission. In 2015, Dr. Premal and Dr. Loretta, his wife, were awarded CMC Vellore’s prestigious “Paul Harrison Award” for significant, steadfast, and selfless service to people affected by Leprosy.

Samuel V. Thomas

Advisor - Finance & Administration

Samuel V. Thomas joined TLMTI with a rich experience of about 20 years in the fields of accounting, financial planning and management, audit, financial analysis and reporting, taxation, introduction of systems and procedures and administration. In his earlier assignments, Samuel worked with corporate companies, professional firms, educational institutions and NGOs, at senior-level positions. His career is spread over 36 years, including an overseas assignment. He is a member of the Finance Advisory Committee of Caritas India, and Bible Society of India (North West Auxiliary). Samuel has been instrumental in overhauling financial management in TLMTI, building a team of committed and motivated staff.

Dr Joydeepa Darlong

Head of Knowledge Management

Dr Joydeepa is a postgraduate medical professional with over 22 years of working experience in family medicine, general medicine, and leprosy. She has great expertise in clinical management, providing training to young doctors and research activities. She is the facilitator for the postgraduate diploma of family medicine at Christian Medical College, Vellore, since 2008.

Dr Joydeepa has authored/co-authored many research papers on leprosy, disability due to leprosy and other related topics.

Dr Famkima Darlong

Head of Healthcare

Dr Famkima is a postgraduate medical professional with over 25 years of working experience in ophthalmology and leprosy. His expertise is in the field of hospital management and implementing eye care programme, both in the hospital and in the community.

As a Christian doctor, Dr Fam sees his profession as a calling from God and always strives to live according to the Scriptural values. He is associated with the Evangelical Medical Fellowship of India, reaching out and ministering to young Christian medical students and doctors in their campuses, reminding them to consider their profession as a calling from God and also challenging them to give their lives for Mission work.

Amit Kumar

Head of Fundraising

Amit is responsible for mobilising resources to give a sustainable base to various programmes of the organisation. For more than 16 years, he has been helping different organisations in raising funds, marketing communication, and internet marketing. He always worked to bring long-term committed income through integrated fund development mechanism. Before coming to the development sector, he cut his teeth in the media industry that shaped his world outlook. He is an avid reader, writes diaries, and is in love with the internet.

Tina Mendis

Head of Sustainable Livelihood and Community Empowerment

Tina has over 20 years of experience in leprosy, disability and community development. She has great expertise in rights-based approach, education, skill development, livelihoods and community empowerment for the inclusion of marginalised communities. She oversees TLMTI’s six Vocational Training Centres providing institutional and community-based vocational training. Tina is in-charge of skills building of people with leprosy and disability, and several community development interventions spread across eight states. Tina has contributed to social research, evaluations and project development and has networked with major international and national agencies.

Nikita Sarah

Head of Advocacy and Communication

Nikita provides overall leadership to strategise and implement TLMTI’s advocacy and communication initiatives and engage with various stakeholders. She has over 20 years of experience in communication, and her core areas of expertise include policy influencing, social and behaviour change communication, programme management, forming a strategic alliance with Government of India, state governments, NGOs, media and the private sector. Nikita has made a significant contribution for the inclusion of people affected by leprosy in the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Bill, and the formulation of Eliminating Discrimination against Persons Affected by Leprosy (EDPAL) Bill, 2015. She has represented TLMTI at several national and international platforms, thereby increasing the profile of leprosy.

Dr Melvin Moras

Head of Human Resource Management

Dr Melvin provides strategic leadership to TLMTI in the area of human resource management to achieve its objective to be ‘A Christian organisation committed to excellence through its people.’ He continues to focus on developing and maintaining expertise in the existing and newer areas, recognising staffing based on the programme requirements and developing talents. Through innovative ideas and initiatives, Melvin has ensured that talents are developed within the organisation at a rapid pace to achieve TLMTI’s vision, ‘People affected by leprosy living with dignity in a transformed, inclusive society that has overcome leprosy’.

Joseph Thomas

Head of Finance

A qualified management professional, Joseph Thomas has over 30 years of working experience in various sectors, such as public and private sectors, international consultancy, and NGOs. During this period, Joseph has gained experience in project financing; budgeting; accounting, including finalisation of accounts; internal audit; HR management, etc. He has good experience in the functions of a company secretary, income tax accounting, and Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act.

During his 14 years experience in TLMTI, Joseph has worked in the areas of preparation of budget; cash flow planning; donor reporting and finalisation of accounts, including statutory audit by the chartered accountants.

Benison Solomon

Head of Audit and Risk Management

Benison has more than 28 years of experience in finance, taxation and audit in the field of travel and tourism, hospitality industry, manufacturing, publishing and banking industries. With audit as his core expertise, Benison has been on audit assignments for various banks, insurance companies and manufacturing units. He was also editor of a tax law journal and a magazine. Initially, Benison worked with the Ajit Bhawan Hotel (member of PATA, IATA, ASTA and IMTA), and also worked with UVI Holidays Ltd. Working with TLMTI has been an entirely new experience for Benison, and he led the Audit and Risk domain to newer heights by developing a platform for in-house auditors for management-cum-programme audits.