The diagnosis that changed Sumitra’s life

Twenty-year- old Sumitra, who studied up to 5 th standard, lived comfortably with her parents in their Delhi home, until she was married off three years ago to a boy from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Shortly after giving birth to her first child, Sumitra developed an ulcer on her right foot which refused to heal. Afraid, and unsure of what was wrong with her, she visited a hospital in Aligarh, where she was diagnosed as having TB. Her ulcer became worse, and she found it difficult to walk. Sumitra gave birth to her second child last year, but the child died within few months.

Two months ago when she visited her parents in Delhi, she visited TLM Shahdara Hospital, as advised by her father’s friend. At TLM hospital, Sumitra was diagnosed with leprosy. Admitted to the inpatient ward, she is undergoing MDT treatment for leprosy and treatment for her ulcer.
Recuperating at TLM hospital, Sumitra shares her past: “I was devastated by what has happened during the last two years. If only my leprosy was diagnosed at the Aligarh hospital, I would have been saved from the complications of the disease. I’m receiving good care here, and I hope to go back home soon.