TLM Purulia Snehalaya

TLM Purulia Snehalaya


TLM Purulia Snehalaya was established in the year 1888. It is part of TLM Purulia Hospital.

It all started with Rev. Henry Uffman, a German missionary, and pastor of the local Gossner Evangelical Lutheran Church in Purulia, West Bengal, in 1888. Seeing the suffering of persons affected by leprosy thrown out of their houses because of the fear and stigma associated with the disease, Rev. Uffman built thatched huts at the southern part of Bhatbandh Christian Burial ground (afterwards it was shifted to the present place) to provide them care and shelter. The Mission to Lepers (now, The Leprosy Mission Trust India) was associated with Rev. Uffman’s work from the very beginning.

Total No. of Residents

  • 8 (1 man and 7 women)