Disabled Peoples Organisations

Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs)

The Leprosy Mission Trust India (TLMTI) encourages people affected by leprosy/disability to come together as disabled people’s organisations (DPOs), advocate for themselves and influence decision-makers at all levels. DPOs have members from across all disabilities. TLMTI supports them to get membership in the state disability movements.

In many places, TLMTI facilitates the formation of exclusive groups of people affected by leprosy. It provides information about the benefits of forming DPOs and working in partnership with other DPOs. It assists them in developing their organisational structure and action plan, registering with the local authorities, opening bank accounts, and completing other legal formalities. It also provides continued assistance to take the disability cause and issues forward. TLMTI ensures that women and children affected by leprosy/disability and people from different socioeconomic groups are represented in these DPOs.

In a year more than 1,700 collectives (SHGs, DPOs, groups of people affected by leprosy, cooperatives, youth and children’s groups) are formed and/or capacitated for effective collaborations with civil society and governments.