Behaviour Change Communication Campaigns

Moving People from Awareness to Action!

The Leprosy Mission Trust India (TLMTI) has always had a very strong IEC component in its all its programme. IEC materials were produced at its state of the art ‘Diana Princess of Wales Health Education and Media Centre’ which comprises of a modern video and audio studio and a printing unit. These IEC materials were widely disseminated to all organisations and bodies, including the government to create mass awareness, health knowledge and information. However IEC alone cannot bring about behaviour change.

TLMTI now also has a strong focus on Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) which goes beyond providing information to an approach that not only provides information but drives the need to change, influences knowledge, behaviour, policies and practices!

With this understanding BCC campaigns have been identified as being crucial to the success of our programmes.

TLMTI focuses on two broad types of campaigns

  • Campaigns aiming for institutional and policy change, i.e. for effective laws, repeal of laws that have discriminatory provisions in them, policies and institutions. These can be done through online petitions.
  • Campaigns aimed for change in individual behaviour and social norms, perceptions and attitudes.