TLM Faizabad Hospital

Uttar Pradesh

TLM Faizabad Hospital


TLM Faizabad Hospital was established in the year 1938.

The Methodist Mission built a home for leprosy patients thrown out of their homes, in Ayodhya (previously, Faizabad), in 1938. Mr M. Hallett, Governor of the North Province, inaugurated the leprosy asylum on August 17, in the same year. Afterwards, the Mission to Lepers (now, The Leprosy Mission Trust India) took over the leprosy asylum.

The facilities provided by the hospital include out-patient and in-patient services, operating theatre, laboratory service, ECG service, X-ray service, counselling, physiotherapy, pharmacy, MCR protective footwear and artificial limbs.


The hospital offers healthcare services and treatments for the following medical specialties:

  • Leprosy Treatment and Management
  • Dermatology
  • General Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Physiotherapy
  • Reconstructive Surgery
  • Counselling Therapy


Outpatient Care

  • 72,288 OPD consultations provided, with 6% for leprosy.

Inpatient Care

The hospital has a 30-bedded (15 for leprosy and 15 for general) inpatient wing and provides best inpatient facility with 24-hour nursing care and latest equipment.

  • 362 patients admitted, of which 93% were leprosy patients.
  • 9,390 bed days utilised, of which 97% were for leprosy.


  • 156 rehabilitation surgeries done.
  • 102 general surgeries done.

Support Services (Lab Tests; X-ray, ECG, Counselling)

  • 21,209 lab tests, including 896 skin smear examinations and 20,313 other tests done..
  • 135 X-ray imaging done.
  • 1,813 patients counselled.

Prevention of impairment and disability (POID) in leprosy

The hospital provides patient education, physiotherapy, pre-fabricated splints, MCR protective footwear, etc, to leprosy patients to prevent impairment and disability.

  • 35 leprosy patients diagnosed with reaction/neuritis given inpatient treatment.
  • 115 leprosy patients admitted for ulcer management, and 70 ulcer debridement procedures done.
  • 788 pairs of MCR protective footwear manufactured and supplied to hospital patients and government/others.

Community Outreach

The hospital has a community outreach programme in schools and tribal villages. This is done through networking with the government and other NGOs. The hospital supports people affected by leprosy and members of marginalised communities and tribals in accessing government social welfare schemes for education, economic development, healthcare, housing, insurance, livelihood pension, etc.

A total of 3,102 patients were seen through hospital outreach activities.

Contact Details

Mr Bino Berry, Superintendent
TLM Community Hospital
P. O. Motinagar
Faizabad district
Uttar Pradesh – 224 201


Phone: +91 5278-254025/211108/254572

How to Get There

By Air: The nearest airport is Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport (in Lucknow), 130 km from the hospital.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Faizabad Junction railway station (2 km from the hospital).