How talks in his tea shop inspired Jitender to make a change in his village

Jitender Kumar’s samosas are famous. From morning, people queue up at his little tea shop for his
crunchy, crispy, golden brown samosas with spicy potato filling. It seems his samosas have cast a spell on Badanpur village in Barabanki District of Uttar Pradesh where he lives.

An empowered Pushpa Devi creates change in her village

Self-help is the best help. Coming from an impoverished background, Pushpa Devi started her education at the age of 41 to become an epitome of success for her community and is continuing to set an example for others to follow.

A day of learning and merry-making for members of Children’s Parliaments

April 24 was a day of learning and merry-making for members of 19 Children’s Parliaments in Amravati district of Maharashtra. The Leprosy Mission Trust India’s IHDID project (Inclusive Holistic Development of Individuals with Disabilities) organised a summer camp in Chikhaldara, Maharashtra, where 195 children attended (of them, 26 were children with various disabilities).