When some doors open, they open wide

Ever since Sangita came to her husband, Yashwant Bawanekar’s house in Solamoh, in Amravati district of Maharashtra, she felt ill at ease. Having come from a small family, her husband’s large family of seven members was too much for her – it robbed her of the solitude which she savoured much.

A little push was all that Mamta needed to take to the skies

Imagine sitting at home without a job despite being a graduate, shunned by neighbours and friends, and with no confidence to carry on with life – all because you have a physical disability.

26-year-old Mamta Gulabrao Kubade had no hope in life. She had met with an accident when she was eight years old, and that left her leg burnt. It resulted in deformity in her lower limb. Despite her disability, she completed her graduation. Job opportunities were rare and she had no confidence to seek out one. Confined to her home in Kothara village of Maharashtra, her days were dreary and nights insomnious. Her self-esteem plummeted to a new low every day.

Vertical Livelihood Model: An innovative approach to income generation

Many people find it difficult to start livelihood initiatives just because they do not have enough land to start a new business or expand their existing one.
Understanding the predicament of many such persons, The Leprosy Mission Trust India’s IHDID project, a community development project working for inclusive, holistic development of persons with disabilities, based in Kothara, Maharashtra, developed an innovative solution. It developed a livelihood model with five types of activities that can be done on a 20 feet X 20 feet plot of land.

The first ever co-operative credit society exclusively for persons with disabilities in Maharashtra is growing in strength

The Leprosy Mission Trust India’s (TLMTI) Inclusive Holistic Development of Individuals with Disabilities (IHDID) project, based in Kothara, Maharashtra, celebrated International Day of Persons with Disabilities (December 3) by taking a step to empower persons with disabilities.

Young ‘parliamentarians’ celebrate Children’s Day

Various hospitals, vocational training centres, and community empowerment projects of The Leprosy Mission Trust India celebrated Children’s Day on November 14, in a big way. Here’s a glimpse of the celebration by IHDID (Inclusive Holistic Development of Individuals with Disabilities) project, based in Kothara, Maharashtra.