Breaking the barriers, living life to the fullest

Stories of differently-abled persons breaking barriers living life to the fullest is like a breath of fresh air. They rise above the odds and societal mindsets to make their mark.
One such person is Kumari Chouhan from Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh, a girl with a left-leg disability. Her father, Gouri Shankar Chouhan is a daily wage labourer and it was beyond his means to take care of the needs of his wife and four children.

Equipping the frontline health workers to lead the fight against leprosy

The Government of India had declared in 2005 that leprosy had been eliminated as a public health problem in India. Ever since, leprosy has become less of a priority for the Government of India. Allocation of government funds dwindled, private funding dried up and training in leprosy for government health workers became dysfunctional. Grievously enough, since then the incidence of leprosy started growing in the country with over 130,000 new cases being detected every year.

The Leprosy Mission Trust India wins the prestigious Sat Paul Mittal Award

The Leprosy Mission Trust India (TLMTI), the largest and oldest leprosy-focused non-governmental organisation in India, has won the prestigious Sat Paul Mittal National Award 2018 (, for its outstanding work with people affected by leprosy, people with disabilities and other marginalised communities.