It doesn’t take much time for fortunes to change

Meet Akash Rambhau Devlkar, a 22-year-old young man from Nandgaon, in Wardha district of Maharashtra.

Akash’s father was affected by leprosy and because of delayed diagnosis of the disease, he had a deformity. Because of the deformity, he could not work, and this has put the family’s day-to-day living in jeopardy. Akash wanted to make something of his life and give a good life to his parents.

The Pune Cantonment Board has added another misconception to the already long list of misconceptions about leprosy. Here it is!

Leprosy is one of the world’s most misunderstood diseases. It is riddled with myths and misconceptions, evoking fear in the minds of people. These myths and misconceptions kick off an inimical chain reaction! They aggravate the stigma associated with the disease. Fearing stigmatisation, patients do not seek medical treatment. Because of this, patients develop disabilities. Also, the infection spreads.