TLMTI’s leprosy expertise has proved valuable when the Tamil Nadu district administration conducted a prevention of impairment and disability (POID) camp for leprosy patients

TAMIL NADU:  On October 16, the Deputy Director, Leprosy (DDL), Nagai district, Tamil Nadu, organised a prevention of impairment and disability (POID) camp for leprosy patients, at Sirkazhi government hospital.

As requested by the DDL, The Leprosy Mission Trust India’s (TLMTI) mobile therapy unit team, under the leadership of Mr Manivannan attended the camp and supported the government health officials with their disability prevention expertise.
TLMTI team assessed 27 people affected by leprosy. The team did nerve function assessment, podiatry assessment, foot pressure analysis (with the foot scanner system, Podiascan), and took orthotic measurements. Eight people were identified for reconstructive surgery (to correct leprosy-caused deformities), five for specially moulded footwear, seven for splints and adaptive devices, and seven for MCR (micro-cellular) protective footwear.
TLMTI’s Orthotic and Prosthetic Unit in Tamil Nadu will fabricate the aids and appliances for the needy patients.