TLMTI at Hindustan Times-Shine HR Conclave

At the 52nd edition of the Hindustan Times Shine HR Conclave held in Gurugram (Gurgaon) on March 23, The Leprosy Mission Trust India (TLMTI), the charity partner of the Conclave, highlighted the issue of leprosy, which is a national health concern.

Dr Mary Verghese, Executive Director, TLMTI, who was a guest speaker at the Conclave, spoke about how leprosy has become a growing health problem in India and why everyone should join hands to beat leprosy. The short documentary film on leprosy, The Unwanted, produced by NDTV in collaboration with TLMTI was screened at the Conclave.

In its stall at the Conclave, TLMTI imparted vital information about leprosy through attractive posters and brochures. Also, TLMTI staff engaged with a large number of participants of the Conclave who visited its stall to raise awareness about leprosy.

According to the Government of India’s report, 135,485 new leprosy cases were detected in India during 2016-17. This means, every 4 minutes, someone is diagnosed with leprosy, and this leads to one family (around 5 family members) facing the threat of social exclusion due to the age-old stigma associated with leprosy.

Hindustan Times Shine HR Conclave is a yearly event conducted in different metropolitan cities of India, jointly organised by Hindustan Times (a national media house) and (an online job portal), where HR (human resources) leaders from different industries come together to discuss issues, such as skills development, job creation, and job trends.

We are overwhelmed by the amazing response of the participants of the Conclave. Our heartfelt thanks to Hindustan Times and for organising such a wonderful event!