‘The Unwanted’ – the short documentary that will change the way you see leprosy

This documentary is a joint effort by NDTV and TLMTI to demystify leprosy and disseminate the correct information about the disease.

Aamir Rafiq, the award-winning director of this documentary tells the heart-wrenching story of the pain of social rejection and the toll of emotional trauma experienced by people when they are diagnosed with leprosy.

In India, 1,27,334 leprosy cases were recorded in 2015-16 which shows a rise of 1.23% from the previous year. India accounts for 60% of total leprosy cases reported worldwide which is a matter of great concern. The disease, due to the stigma attached to it, leads to abandonment, social and legal discrimination, disability and loss of livelihood.

We hope to create a conversation around leprosy and its consequences through this thought-provoking documentary and draw public attention to the need for social inclusion of people affected by the disease and the need to eradicate the disease.

Please watch the incredibly heart-touching documentary and share with your friends. Together, we can bring change.