The gift of good health through #PureCleanSafeDrinkingWater@ TLM Faizabad

The gift of good health through #PureCleanSafeDrinkingWater@ TLM Faizabad

Polluted water isn’t just dirty – it’s deadly! Clean and safe drinking water is the cornerstone of healthy lives. For quite a while, The Leprosy Mission Trust India’s (TLMTI) hospital and vocational training centre (VTC) in Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh (both are located in the same premises) faced the threat of ill health because of unsafe water. Every day, over 600 persons need drinking water there. They include OPD and IPD patients, Snehalaya (a residential institution for elderly persons affected by leprosy, rejected by their families and ostracised by the community because of leprosy-related disabilities and the stigma attached to the disease) residents, students undergoing vocational education in the VTC, and staff and their families who have their living quarters on campus.

After much discussion with the staff, the leadership at TLM Faizabad approached Eureka Forbes, India’s leading health and hygiene brand, to sort out the issue of safe drinking water. Understanding the need, the company supplied custom-made reverse osmosis (RO) plant that can purify 500 litres of water in an hour, at a bargain price.

The day of installation of the RO plant was a time of celebration at TLM Faizabad! All – outpatients, inpatients and their attendants; Snehalaya residents; VTC students, staff and their families – are happy, for #PureCleanSafeDrinkingWater was their long-cherished dream!

More than anyone, it’s the TLM Faizabad team – headed by Mr Bino Berry, hospital superintendent, and Mr Keshaba Thanapati, VTC principal – who are happy, as they could fulfil a long-standing need of the people, through donations from the local community and the goodwill of Eureka Forbes.

Mr Bino Berry, Superintendent TLM Faizabad Hospital, and Mr Keshaba Thanapati, Principal TLM Faizabad VTC receiving the award from Dr Mary Verghese, Executive Director, TLMTI
Impressed by this initiative, TLMTI honoured TLM Faizabad with an award which was given away during its Annual Leadership Consultation held from January 21-23, 2019.