Moulding the future change-makers

CHANDKHURI (CHHATTISGARH):  What do children learn at summer camps? Ask the 395 children from leprosy colonies in Chandkhuri (Chhattisgarh), Muzaffarpur (Bihar) and Purulia (West Bengal) who took part in the summer camps organised by The Leprosy Mission Trust India’s (TLMTI) Children Unite for Action (CUFA) project recently. They will say they have understood the importance of teamwork, developed meaningful friendships, and learned decision-making skills, among others.

The children enthusiastically took part in sports, creative learning (dance, drama, drawing), and other activities organised by the project. They were given lessons in various topics for their self-development.

For the children who attended the camp in Chandkhuri, the project organised spoken English classes. An excited young volunteer, Mridul Elkanah, son of TLM Chandkhuri Hospital superintendent, Dr Manotosh Elkana, motivated the children in creative and exciting ways.

These summer camps helped the children have a meaningful vacation, and moreover, the life skills gained through these camps will nurture independence and confidence, creating a foundation that will help them develop into responsible citizens.