Moulding future change-makers

CHANDKHURI (CHHATTISGARH): Children are fast learners – and around 35 children from the colony where people affected by leprosy live in Chandkhuri (near TLM Chandkhuri Hospital) in Chhattisgarh and the nearby village learnt a lot on World Environment Day (June 5).

They were thrilled when they visited the organic farm and the biogas plant at TLM Chandkhuri Hospital. Most of them have not even heard about organic farming and biogas production. It was a new experience for them. The hospital staff took them around and showed them how organic farming is done and biogas is produced.

Last year, the hospital had started organic farming and a dairy farm on the unused land belonging to it. The crops harvested and the milk produced are used for the hospital patients. The waste produced is directed to the biogas plant, for cooking in the hospital kitchen.

The visit was organised by TLMTI’s Children Unite for Action (CUFA) project, as part of its initiative to promote the overall development of children affected by leprosy.