Leprosy training for Ayurveda doctors

The Leprosy Mission Trust India’s Kolkata Hospital, in West Bengal, has organised a one-day training workshop for students and faculty members of Institute of Post Graduate Ayurvedic Education & Research, Rajabazar, Kolkata, on the management of leprosy, on January 13. A total of 40 postgraduate students and five faculty members attended the programme.

Dr Helen Roberts, Medical Superintendent, TLM Kolkata Hospital, gave them in-depth training and taught them practical skills with the help of five leprosy patients.

Even though Chaulmoogra (Hydnocarpus Wightiana ) oil was used for treating leprosy patients before the introduction of modern-day treatment for leprosy (MDT), the disease is not mentioned in Ayurved medical college curriculum, nor it is being diagnosed and treated. All skin diseases are treated alike.

One of the students had this to say after the workshop session, “I have long forgotten about leprosy. Now that I have seen patients, I have a correct understanding of leprosy. And this will help me to manage leprosy cases better “.