International Women’s Day celebrations

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, today (8th March), 10 NGOs came together in New Delhi and organised a rally to celebrate the achievements of women and spread awareness about various issues affecting girls and women. Hundreds of women from all walks of life took part in the colourful rally, which started from Jantar Mantar and ended at Parliament Street in New Delhi.

The Leprosy Mission Trust India (TLMTI) staff and persons affected by leprosy with whom TLMTI works with took part in the rally. Mrs Esther, a woman affected by leprosy, spoke about the discrimination people affected by leprosy face every day.

It’s worth mentioning that last year, in India, 53,072 women were diagnosed with leprosy; this means, every ten minutes, one woman was diagnosed with the disease. Women affected by leprosy experience discrimination 3 times more than men (triple jeopardy). They face discrimination because of the stigma, their gender, and disability caused by leprosy.