Mariyambi is 17 Years old girl; she is a single parent-child. She lost her father at a very young age. They are two sisters and her mother works as daily labor and stitch clothes in the village to look after the family.

In 8th class, she got two patches on her hand and leg. She was not correctly diagnosed with leprosy and did not receive the correct medicine. Later, the disease worsened with a claw hand and then she was diagnosed with leprosy and got treated with MDT for one year. TLM CUFA Project supported her schooling. Because of the delay in medication and her claw hand, she has to go through RCS surgery in the Leprosy Mission’s Salur hospital. She has cannot lift heavy objects and cannot write continuously due to weakness in her hand. Mariyambi has a strong determination, so she is enrolled on an electrical engineering course.

Lovathalli, a young girl with a locomotive disability, walks with a single stick since her childhood. Lovathalli lives with a single parent, mother Satyavathi, who is affected with leprosy. Due to delay in the treatment, Satyavathi lost her fingers, toes and quite often suffers from recurring ulcers. Lovathalli’s mother used to sell bangles on the footpath and due to her visible deformity, people get scared to buy from her. Due to extreme poverty, Lovatalli stopped studying and started selling bangles to help her mother. Lovathalli and her mother Satyavathi face difficulty to buy food, medical and hygiene needs.

Lovathalli joined the leprosy mission residential, vocational training center as a dressmaking student for one year. Due to COVID lockdown and not being able to travel the long distance, she could not attend and complete the practical skill training. So VTC extended her training for this year.

Lovathalli wants to complete her training and start a business cum small shop so that she can look after her mother.

Allu Sai at the age of 14 got a patch on his right hand since lack of awareness he used general medicine for two years, because of wrong treatment the disease got worsen with claw fingers. His uncle was referred to Salur hospital for treatment then he started using MDT and got cured, because of the delay in treatment, he has undergone Re-constructive Surgery for the claw finger to be rectified.

The Leprosy Mission’s Salur hospital has referred him to VTC for training. He is now enrolled on two years electrician course. He wants to earn and support his parents financially.


Platinum Vocational Training Centre, Vizianagaram, Andhra Pradesh ranked among India’s top 10 Industrial Training Institute and achieved National Award Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding performance by the Ministry of Skill development and entrepreneurship, Government of India. Our Student Mr Keshabha got National Award for being a role model.

TLM VTC Vizianagaram (established in 1995) is providing services in the most under-developed aspirational districts across the country. Our vision is to see vulnerable people (leprosy-affected, differently-abled & marginalized women) achieve sustainable livelihoods, in the organized and unorganized sectors, leading to poverty reduction.

The institute provided residential training for boys and girls in formal courses affiliated to National Council vocational training under the Ministry of Skill development in Diesel Mechanic, Electrician, Welder, Dress Making, Computer operating and Programing assistance, solar technician courses.

Every year 85% of the students are provided gainful employment with a decent income to support their families.

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