Empowering Healthcare Education: Your Support Can Create a Lasting Impact!

As the world grapples with the aftermath of COVID-19, India faces an ever-increasing demand for healthcare workers. The pandemic has underscored the critical role of nurses and physiotherapists in safeguarding public health, prompting a pressing need for more professionals in these fields. India has 1.96 nurses per 1,000 population and only 0.59 physiotherapists per 10,000 population. To meet this challenge head-on. The Leprosy Mission is now venturing into a transformative journey. Our goal is to empower young and adult individuals by providing comprehensive training, equipping them to become proficient health professionals, and making valuable contributions to the nation’s healthcare sector. We have a remarkable 149-year experience in healthcare and as a recognized tertiary care hospital for leprosy.

The Leprosy Mission Trust India Institute of Paramedical Sciences (TIPS) at Salur (Andhra Pradesh), Shahdara (Delhi), Naini (Uttar Pradesh) and Purulia (West Bengal). Will offer courses in Physiotherapy and Nursing. These institutes will provide diverse learning experiences, including classroom teaching, hands-on clinical training, engaging research activities, informative presentations, and enriching case discussions. This immersive approach ensures our trainees develop a well-rounded skillset and knowledge base.

These colleges have a noble mission of offering comprehensive training, including specialized leprosy training, to various groups, such as self-leprosy-affected individuals, children of leprosy-affected parents, tribal and marginalized students, and general students. By doing so, they aim to diminish the stigma associated with leprosy in society and enable these students to access quality education and live with dignity. A crucial aspect of this training is equipping the students with ample knowledge about leprosy. Consequently, when they enter the workforce, they will be capable of accurately identifying leprosy patients, ensuring timely and effective treatment, and promoting disability-free lives for those affected.

But we can’t do it alone. To bring this project to fruition, we need the support and generosity of individuals like you, who understand the importance of quality healthcare education. Regardless of size, your contribution will make a tremendous difference in turning this vision into reality.

Together, let’s take this vital step towards enhancing healthcare education and services in our community. Every Rupee count, and your gift will be deeply appreciated, no matter how big or small. Your generosity will shine as a beacon of healing, inclusion and dignity.

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