Sarathi, 19, is suffering from leprosy. She is facing stigma and the deformity in her hands make her life miserable.

“She came over here last year. She was diagnosed with leprosy. We started MDT course immediately. But she needs reconstructive surgery on both of her hands. Our team is taking care and a schedule is being made,” said Dr. Jalaz, the superintendent of the Leprosy Mission Hospital Purulia.

For a young woman like Sarathi, this Reconstructive Surgery will not only help in restoring the functionality of her hands but will also save her from a long life of dependence and isolation.

Sarathi is looking forward to a restored functionality of her hands so that she can join our vocational training institute in Bankura and become financially independent. The Leprosy Mission runs a Vocational Training Centre at Bankura where she can learn tailoring or any other suitable course.

“I am happy that my daughter is getting another chance in her life. I am more worried about her health and her marriage,” said her mother in a worried voice.

I request you to open your hearts and provide financial assistance to Sarathi so that she can continue to dream and work on fulfilling those dreams unhindered by her deformity.

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