You can contribute for the livelihood support for the families affected by leprosy. We support the families to start an enterprise. We ensure that the needy persons get adequate business skills and access to their rights. In 2019, we have supported 1,75,058 people that include women from the marginalised communities and people who are disabled with improved income through livelihood initiatives. There were more than 2000 self-help and other groups supported for community empowerment.

Those affected by leprosy and other disabilities who had their own enterprises/training to start their enterprises are currently struggling to manage their day to day expenses of their families. Many of their businesses (grocery shops, tea stalls, vegetable & fruit marts, and agriculture) have closed due to the restrictions.

Rama shut her flower shop in Cuddalore district in the lockdown and her family is struggling. She needs immediate help to restart her life. Sukhram, 30, from Amravati district of Maharashtra sat idle at home for two-and-a-half months and his meagre savings were spent on running the household for a few weeks. Moolchand Patel lives with his wife, Pramila Devi – who is speech-impaired, and their eight-month-old daughter in his village Kanti in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. The lockdown resulted in Moolchand losing his daily wages. To make matters worse, the unseasonal rain destroyed his wheat crop, leaving him staring helplessly at a bleak future.

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