Deepika, a resilient 14-year-old girl from Fatehpur district, Uttar Pradesh. Despite her young age, Deepika is confronting the formidable challenges posed by leprosy. She now stands on the brink of undergoing reconstructive surgery at The Leprosy Mission Hospital in Naini. With unwavering determination and a heart filled with dreams, Deepika is reaching out to our community for support to fund her critical medical journey.

Born into a humble family, Deepika is the youngest of four siblings. Her father toils as a farmer while her mother manages the household. Deepika, a diligent student, pursues her education at a government school, currently in the 7th grade. However, her aspirations are hindered by the effects of leprosy.

Two years ago, Deepika was diagnosed with leprosy at a government hospital. Despite initiating the prescribed medication, a lack of awareness led her to discontinue the treatment prematurely. Consequently, her left hand succumbed to the disease, leaving her with a claw-like deformity and loss of sensation.

Concerned for their daughter’s well-being, Deepika’s family sought guidance from their community, leading them to The Leprosy Mission Hospital in Naini. Here, Deepika received comprehensive counselling, enlightening her about the importance of completing the entire course of leprosy medication. Now, she stands on the threshold of reconstructive surgery for her left hand.

Before the surgery, Deepika is undergoing pre-operation physiotherapy, a crucial step in preparing her for the procedure. She will be taught the isolation exercises of the donor tendon and finally will be operated, when the therapists say she is ready. A couple of days after surgery she will go home with a plaster cast and return after three weeks to be re-admitted for post-op therapy. These three to four weeks of post-operative physiotherapy are essential to get her hand to be functional.

It is through donations like yours that The Leprosy Mission will be able to provide the surgery, medicines, stay and food in the hospital for Deepika, completely free.

As you all are aware, we are a not-for-profit hospital that depends largely on charity to provide essential treatments to our patients. Most of our patients, like Deepika, come from extremely marginalised circumstances and cannot afford treatment in private hospitals. It is also true that Leprosy treatments are not provided in most of the hospitals in India and The Leprosy Mission hospitals are almost unique in the comprehensive hospital healthcare provided to people affected by leprosy.

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