As we are recovering from the pandemic, people affected by leprosy need our support to restart their lives being one of the most vulnerable groups in the country.

Amongst many children who are diagnosed with leprosy, the case of 18-year-old Daneshwar is sadly a common one. He was diagnosed with leprosy after his fingers had already deformed due to the disease. As happens with many cases of leprosy in India, Daneshwar’s disease was only recognised after years of misdiagnosis resulting in the clawing of the fingers of his right hand.

Daneshwar hails from Sarpur village near Nashik city in Maharashtra. Daneshwar got the first symptom of the disease five years ago. He studies till class ninth and then dropped out of school.

Daneshwar’s father is also affected by leprosy and does not work. His mother and younger brother are the earning members of the family. They are engaged in daily wage work.

Daneshwar got the first treatment in the Leprosy Mission hospital in Kothara in Maharashtra. He has been referred to the Leprosy Mission Hospital in Naini, Prayagraj for advanced treatment.

“He is being treated for ulcer and septic in the foot and will undergo reconstructive surgery on his right hand,” said Dr. Sandeep, the superintendent of the hospital.

Daneshwar has been counselled by the hospital counsellor to join the Vocational Training Centre after recovery. This has renewed hope in him to do something in life and take care of his family. The Leprosy Mission Trust India runs six award winning Vocational Training Centres for the young people affected by leprosy and disability.

We request you to come to the help of this family and their child who is hoping for the best despite undergoing the worst. After the surgery, Daneshwar hopes to get back to the Vocational Training Centre.

Reconstructive surgeries and ulcer care are very expensive. One can cost as much as Rs 30,000. I know it is a big amount, and therefore, I urge you to give as much as you can afford to. Even a small donation of Rs 5000 or Rs 10,000, when combined with donations from other caring people like you, would enable Daneshwar and other patients like him, lead a normal life.

We hope you will take up this fight on Daneshwar’s behalf. We need your help to correct the deformity through reconstructive surgeries and to help him withstand the discrimination he is sure to experience.

Save life and save tax