The children, women and elderly people affected with leprosy are at the greater risk at this time of corona virus spread. Majority of these people come from the most marginalised sections of the society – mostly they are the daily wage earners. They have low immunity, chronic health conditions and living in most unhygienic clusters.

n our 14 hospitals across the country, we have more than 200 such patients admitted for specialised leprosy care. Before, the 21-day lockdown announced these patients were admitted with deep ulcers, deformity and reactions. Their treatment has started and the resident doctors and nurses are taking good care of them. These patients cannot go home, cannot be discharged and needs medical/surgical care.

Apart from our hospitals, we are reaching out to affected people in the communities with interventions as mentioned Below

Safety & Hygiene

Preliminary reports suggest that 8000 households of people affected by leprosy and people with disabilities are not having access to basic materials to maintain personal hygiene in the community we serve.

Initially we need INR 40,80,000

PPE Kit for staff

We urgently require Personal Protective Equipment to protect our medical staff and patients from infections.

Initially we need INR 8,00,000

Grocery Packs / Rations

It may take up to 3 months for theses disadvantaged people to get back up on their feet.

Grocery Packs include wheat, rice, dal, oil, salt powder, chili powder, bath soap and washing powder.

Initially we need INR 68,00,000

We run only on donations

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