Donate this Christmas a gift of healing to children affected by leprosy

Christmas is just around the corner, and Christmas is a time for giving to the poor, as history and tradition are behind it. One of the main reasons why Christmas is a time for giving is to remind us of the Christmas story.

You will be shocked to know that every 4 minutes, one person is newly diagnosed with leprosy. Leprosy is an ancient Biblical disease. But till today, 2,000 years after Jesus ministered to people affected by leprosy, it continues to devastate the lives of people living in poverty across India.

This Christmas, experience the joy of giving by becoming a Secret Santa for children affected by leprosy. Gift them healthier childhood and bring hope to their lives!

Be a Secret Santa for a child by supporting a cause of your wish:
Gift of mobility: Support a surgery, which will give a child to gain mobility
Gift of protection: To help protect the child’s leg from an ulcer due to anaesthetic feet
Gift of education: To prevent children from dropping out of school due to leprosy and poverty

Just pick the Christmas gift that you would like to share. Your generous Christmas donation will be a perfect gift for underprivileged children’s lives. Your gift will bring lasting positive change in the lives of the children who need it the most.

A gift from you could help children and their families enjoy a brighter Christmas.

Together we can change a childhood from hardship to happiness and, with it, change a life.

This Christmas, give a special gift