Building and retaining leprosy expertise

NAINI (UTTAR PRADESH): The Leprosy Mission Trust India’s Training Unit in Naini, Uttar Pradesh, has conducted a 5-day certificate course in leprosy, for health professionals, from March 12-16.

A total of nine participants were trained in the following two aspects of leprosy:

1) Clinical aspects: Diagnosis, treatment and management of leprosy and its complications; differential diagnosis; and eye care in leprosy.
2) Rehabilitation: Prevention of impairment and disability, nerve function assessment, reconstructive surgery, ulcer management, footwear, and splints and adaptive devices.

The training team was led by Dr Loretta Das (Training In-charge) and had the following members: Mr G. Babu (Training Coordinator), Ms Vibha Mani Tripathi (Physiotherapist), and Mr James George (Programme Manager).