Beauty is only skin deep

Neha ran an entrepreneurial venture in her small town in Northern Uttar Pradesh, about 200kms away from Naini. After completing a Beauty Technician Course, Neha took a leap of faith and opened a small beauty parlour in 2012. She took a seed loan from a bank and invested a lot of energy into making her venture a success. The business of beauty suited her well. Suddenly she realised, an often ignored white patch had developed into Leprosy and the tell-tale signs were difficult to hide or ignore anymore. Soon her hands started to claw, making it difficult to even hold a pen. She was unable to continue work and was referred by the local Government hospital for surgery.

At TLMTI Hospital Naini, Neha underwent corrective surgery for her clawed hands and her inability to close both her eyes. With physiotherapy she is now able to write quite well and is able to use the computer key-board. Unable to pay the bank loan and rent for the shop, Neha’s mother closed the beauty parlour and sold off all the items. But this has not deterred Neha. Having had studied till class 12, she now wants to finish her college education. The entrepreneurial spirit in her is still alive and she plans to do a professional computer course and then seek to re-open a bigger better place where beauty will not only be skin deep.