Bead workers of Pennadam


About 15 kms from Cuddalore lays the Pennadam village where the migratory community of Narikuravar have settled. This community is famous for a uniquecraft of bead making. During marriage ceremonies the special black (small) bead are worn to mark the event. Discussions with the community revealed that forming all the bead workers into a producers’ cooperative/associations/company would benefit the entire community as well as provide adequate incometo the artisans who are “differently abled”. The formation of the same was aimed to produce high quality natural wooden beads as the end product. The participants were trained on newer skills and techniques involved in bead work using different beads, colours, and designs and now the artisans are able to produce 13 varieties of necklaces and beaded jewelleries. The project has made sincere efforts to create links between the bead worker community with South India Scheduled Tribes Welfare Association and the market place.