IHDID Project

Inclusive Holistic Development of Individuals with Disabilities

The problem

During a survey conducted in 75 villages in Amravati district of Maharashtra, The Leprosy Mission Trust India (TLMTI) found that 79% of the families surveyed were ignorant about the various types of disabilities (including that caused by leprosy) and reasons for their occurrence. The survey revealed 15 cases of leprosy, whereas the secondary data from Primary Health Centre (PHC) showed 24 cases of leprosy. It was found that the number of leprosy cases and disability could be even more since the awareness about the same was low. 

How the project aims to address these problem

TLMTI started a community development project in Achalpur and Chikhaldara  blocks of Amravati district, named Inclusive Holistic Development of Individuals with Disabilities (IHDID) project, to raise public awareness about leprosy and disability so that people could report for early diagnosis and treatment. The project aims to empower people affected by leprosy/disability so that they can access improved health, education and livelihood opportunities and participate in the mainstream society.

Project implementation areas

Project period

January 2014 to December 2018

Key achievements

  • 2,802 people with disabilities rehabilitated. Among other things, they received aids and appliances and corrective surgery.
  • 730 people received eye care services. 38 children receiving education in an inclusive environment.
  • Started training in organic farming. A demonstration centre established in TLM Kothara Hospital premises. 400 people with disabilities and farmers trained in organic farming.
  • 135 people with disabilities received various livelihood skills. 64 people with disabilities accessed financial schemes for livelihood activities.
  • 26 SHGs accessed schemes for agriculture activities, like purchasing seeds, mini-tractor, etc.


Key project staff: Mr Suresh Dhondge, Programme Manager