CTY Project

Catch Them Young

The problem

Children affected by leprosy,  with disabilities,  and those belonging to lower socio- economic background face a number of social and economic challenges. At a young age, they are exposed to extreme poverty, leprosy/disability-related stigma, broken family structure, the challenge of living with a single parent, abuse and neglect, health problems, violence, etc. This results in greater isolation, deprivation of rights and loss of dignity.

How the project aims to address these problems

The Leprosy Mission Trust India, initiated a community development project, called Catch Them Young (CTY) project, based at its 14 hospitals and six vocational training centres, to support such children in realising their full potential. For their holistic development, the project supports them in accessing the four basic rights: right to survival, right to protection, right to participation and right to development. The project provides them support for education, working to improve their physical, mental and emotional health; and advocating for their rights.

Project implementation areas


Project period 

January 2013 to December 2017 

Key achievements

  • 1,008 students supported through education scholarships.
  • Of them, 835 are schoolgoing students; 121 are university students; and 52 are pursuing professional courses, like nursing, engineering, etc.

Key project staff:
Ms Nitha Philip, Programme Manager